Umpiring at KDNA

The sport of netball is set apart by unique and distinctive rules which direct the fundamental spirit and conduct to ensure safety and fairness for all competitors.

Umpiring is an integral component of netball and is essential to the progress and success of the sport.  Umpires are ideally positioned to apply the rules to the best of their ability without fear or favour and to make decisions in the interests of the game.

Like players and coaches, umpires are not perfect. In order to improve, their performance should be the subject of constructive review.  However, unwarranted abuse of umpires damages the integrity of the game of netball and undermines the important efforts made to recruit and retain umpires. 

KDNA recognises the significant contribution that our umpires make to the sport of netball and our association as a whole.

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Netball Australia has launched an Online Section 1 Umpiring Exam and Level One Umpires Course both of which are part of the Umpire Accreditation Framework.

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