Representative Netball is essentially training, playing and representing KDNA (your local association) at single day Tournaments throughout Melbourne, weekly Waverley Netball Centre games (13/U upwards) and selected weekend tournaments e.g. Mildura Netball Carnival (15/U up).

The Representative Program offered at Kingston aims to provide regular, fun, focused and intensive training sessions for selected Rep netballers. KDNA provides accredited and experienced coaches who, in conjunction with specialised coaches (as required), conduct training sessions to improve the skill base of their representative players. Working with the selected girls/boys, we aim to provide them with the skill level necessary to play netball to the best of their ability.

Rep is an opportunity for all club players to make new friends, share experiences and make lifelong memories.

Representative teams are selected from all KDNA clubs. For each age group, the best 10-30 players at trials are chosen by independent selectors to form the core KDNA Rep squad. Numbers of teams at any age level are based on the quality of applicants and the availability of coaches.

KDNA is player pathway through Central East Zone TID Tournaments, which gives the opportunity for players to be invited to trial for Central East Zone Academy Program in the following year.

KDNA has the pathway for Henderson Regional  Selections and local VNL Clubs.


KDNA runs trials in all age groups at the end of a given year, for selection into the squad for the following year. Age groups are defined by the player’s age at the 31st December of the following year. Any club player is welcome to trial at KDNA.

The age group divisions are: 11 years and under (11/U), 13 years and under (13/U), 15 years and under (15/U), Seventeen years and under (17/U) and Open Age group.

Trial dates are advertised on the KDNA website and are visibly displayed at Dales Park. Trials are usually held in October/November every year. All girls wishing to trial MUST REGISTER prior to trialling. Trial dates are usually announced by the end of August in any given year.

We would encourage all interested players to have a go!


All selected players make a commitment to be available for:

Weekly training sessions held for the duration of the Rep Program season.  Training sessions are of 1.5hr (11/U) or 2hr (13/U upwards) duration. Times and day  will be advised in new Rep year.

Selected one day tournaments - up to 6 per year for 11Yrs/U,  3/4 per year13Yrs/U & 15Yrs/U -  2 per year  17Yrs/U - excludes Open Age.

In addition all teams excluding 11Yrs/U  are required to commit to the following as part of their program.

13/U and 15/U: Weekly, Thursday night competition at Waverley Netball Centre for the Autumn and Spring seasons. Games are of 45 minute duration with 1/2hr min. warm up prior.

17/U: Weekly Wednesday  at Waverley Netball Centre for the Autumn Season - games are  1 hr  duration with 1/2hr min. warm up prior.  Mid year selections will apply for Waverley Spring Season.  P
layers selected for the Autumn Season  will be given the option to continue in the Spring.

Open Age: Weekly Tuesday  at Waverley Netball Centre for the Autumn Season  Games are of 1hr  duration with 1/2hr min. warm up prior.  Mid year selections will apply for Waverley Spring Season - Players selected for the Autumn Season will be given the option to continue in the Spring .

Players and parents are expected to comply with the player and parent code of behaviour and conduct.


It is a requirement that all selected Rep players play in a club team at KDNA. Clubs are asked to play Rep players in their selected position for 50% of their court time to ensure learning is progressed.

Exempt are players selected to KDNA Open Squad  as they are not required to play at KDNA club level but to have a playing history with a KDNA member club.

There is no limit to the number of ‘home grown’ Rep players a club can put into a team, however, if a player has or wishes to  transferred to a new club, they can only be placed in a club  team to have a maximum of four (4) Rep players. This does not apply to non current rep players.