Please note Net Set Go Competition Matches will not proceed in extreme weather and the following rules do not apply

Weather - In the event of extreme weather conditions, the following rules apply:

(a) a weather subcommittee consisting of any three (3) members of the KDNA Management Committee present along with the Court Supervisor will determine whether matches / activities should proceed;

(b) matches will be cancelled if the temperature is 36 degrees Celsius or more registered on a thermometer kept outside the shade near the court supervisors office for the outdoor matches and indoor near the court supervisors bench for indoor matches;

(c) if the weather subcommittee considers before the start of a match that the match should be cancelled then:

(i) score sheets are to be filled in and at least five (5) players must be present for verification by the umpire/s; except in Netta and 11&U not playing finals.

(ii) if both opposing teams have five (5) or more players present, two (2) points will be awarded to each team;

(iii) teams with fewer than five (5) players present will forfeit the match and must pay walkover fines.

(d) if the weather subcommittee considers that matches should proceed and the teams mutually agree to abandon the match, neither team will receive points;

(e) if after play commences, the weather subcommittee decides that the weather conditions have deteriorated or the temperature on the KDNA thermometer registers 36 degrees Celsius or more, the weather subcommittee may postpone or cancel the match.  If a match is cancelled before half time under this By-Law, the match will count as a nil-all (0-0) draw and all goals will be deleted from the score sheet.  If a match is cancelled at or after half time, the score on the score sheet at the time the match is cancelled will be the final score of the match.

(f) the weather subcommittee are mindful of the effects of the temperature on the court surface temperature and as such may, at their discretion, adjust the game quarter times as follows: at 33 celcius to 4 x 8 minute quarters, at 34 celcius to 4 x 8 minute quarters, at 35 celcius to 4 x 7 minute quarters, with the decrease in quarters allowing for increased rest and rehydration times at all three breaks, thereby the overall game time is the same.