2019 KDNA Rep Coaches Profiles


Head Coach



Rachelle Anstey:    KDNA has appointed Rachelle as Head Coach again for 2019 bringing to Kingston valuable coaching experience from Chelsea NA  in 2015-2017  together  with her experience as rep coach  in  2014-2015 as Kingston's 15Yrs/U teams. 

Rachelle also has coaching experience as lead club coach to CCC Bolts and  club coach to Pink Panthers.

Rachelle  will continue with via the coaching panel the “Dare To Be A Diamond” program as introduced be previous Head Coach in 2017.

Rachelle is passionate about working with all coaches to improve their coaching abilities and making Kingston as Association players will want to join and be a part of in the future.

Kingston is very fortunate to have a passionate and dedicated Head Coach in 2019.



Senior Rep Squads


Rachelle Anstey:  KDNA Open squad is very fortunate to have such an experienced coach for 2019 in Rachelle.  The squad has been enjoying her training sessions as well as her coaching skills at Waverley. 

 Rod Tatter: With a wealth of experience coaching across many age groups, KDNA Rep is lucky to have Rod Tatter as a returning member of our coaching panel for 2019 with the 17Yrs/U Open team


Liz McHenry: Liz returns to the Rep program in 2019 bringing with her more than 10 years of experience as a coach at club level and over 2 years 11/U Rep coaching then 2017 13Yrs/U lead coach an again in 13Yrs/U for 2018

She is a dedicated and passionate coach with patience aplenty. She has a talent for taking raw skills and creating strong, capable netballers. We are very fortunate to have her as part of our coaching panel. Liz is the 17/U Reserve   Representative Coach for 2018


Rob Whittaker: Rob Joined KDNA in 2018 


Linda Piper: Linda has joined KDNA 15/U Reserve team this year


Sam Silvester: Great to have Sam return to KDNA in 2019 as our goaling coach for all squads  Sam may be young, but has achieved greatly in netball, having played for Monash Development Squad and competed internationally in rowing.                                                                               Sam was  selected  to  Southern Saints 19Yrs/U VNL in 2019 and Saints Championship for 2019.

Sam brings her wealth of goaling knowledge to all squads  and will be an invaluable member of the coaching panel


Junior Rep Squads


Simon Klose: KDNA Rep is fortunate to have Simon Klose return as one of its coaches for the 2019 year. Simon brings a wealth of defensive knowledge with him and believes in fierce competition for the ball. We look forward to the inspiration he will give to our 13/U squad in 2019.

Sam Partridge: Sam was new to Kingston  in 2017 and coached  13/U Reserve Coach  in 2018 

Sam is very passionate about junior netball having coached junior teams in the past at Caulfield and she looks forward to working with the coaching panel for 2019


Taya Collier:  Taya Collier returns for yet another year in the Rep program, bringing her wealth of experience of both playing coaching and umpiring netball. Having played at regional Super-league level, Taya understands the demands of netball and the solid foundation of skills that is required to succeed. Taya is 11/U Representative Coach for 2019.


Gabby Bull: KDNA Rep welcomes back coach Gabby Bull to the 11/U coaching panel for 2019. Bringing impressive achievements at Monash VNL level and being an all-star goaler for our very own Open side in 2018,  Gabby is looking forward to passing on her knowledge and skills to the new netballers in our program. Gabby is 11/U Coach for 2019.


Rachel Edmond: Rachel is our longest serving coach in the Junior Representative program starting with 11Yrs/U and progressing to 15Yrs/U in 2017.                

Her work commitments  not allowing her time for Waverley attendance, and her 10 years of experience, Kingston have appointed her to 11Yrs/U to work in conjunction with Gabby and Taya in  11Yrs/U squad for 2019

Rachel is well versed in the progression of skill level required of players. Rachel brings great enthusiasm and dedication to her role and we are very fortunate to have her consistent guidance and support of the Rep Program.