KDNA COVID-19 Update August 11th

Kingston & District Netball Association Inc., Thu Aug 13, 2020 4:00PM



To all KDNA Members,

As we are facing the significant impact of a global pandemic with Stage 4 restrictions re-imposed in Melbourne, we have been forced to adapt and consider the implications of a return to Netball at Dales Park. We would like to thank you all for your patience and sacrifices you have had to make with the restrictions placed upon community sport at a domestic and representative squad level. Hopefully 2021 will be a fantastic year of Netball when we are back once again at Dales Park.

We would like to inform you all that KDNA is in a sound position and the new Dales Park Pavilion, although delayed with the Building industry restrictions, is now scheduled for completion late 2020 and work to start of the 9th court in 2021.

We have secured $14,000 from the Parkdale Community Bendigo Bank to fund furnishing the multi-purpose space in the new Pavilion. For these funds to be released to KDNA we require 2 letters of support from schools or not for profit non sporting groups. We are reaching out to all our members seeking their assistance with this.

KDNA would like to inform you of our position regarding Netball for 2020 so that you can make some informed decision in regards to the Netball Victoria Goodwill Reimbursement Policy.

In light of the continued uncertainty of any netball competition this year, KDNA will not be running a domestic competition in 2020. This decision has not been an easy one to make. This will allow clubs and players to make some informed decisions about the Netball Victoria Goodwill Membership Reimbursement Policy with the applications closing date on October 31st.  It also will allow time for the change over from the old pavilion to the new pavilion. KDNA will be now be focusing on a return to Dales Park Netball with the long awaited new Pavilion and launching the domestic competition in 2021.

If and when community sport is permitted to re-commence in 2020 with ‘Return to training at KDNA’, the association will support any clubs who wish to facilitate this for their members. Netball Victorian Membership will need to remain active for those participants and coaches who may wish to run training sessions in 2020.

Representative Squad Trials for the 2021 season will not be taking place in 2020, any selections will commence in 2021 when permitted to in-light of the Pandemic.

KDNA fully supports NV and encourage members to consider to pledge their 2020 Netball Membership. Your Netball Victorian Membership is an investment in the future of our sport. All information and resources regarding the Goodwill Membership Reimbursement Policy will be available at This will include a recording of the Goodwill Reimbursement Policy information session and a Frequently Asked Questions page.

A few key points regarding membership reimbursement options:

1.     There will be no increase to Netball Victoria Membership fees in 2021.

2.     Members may choose to pledge their Netball Victoria membership fee. 

These members will remain a 2020 member and will continue to enjoy all member benefits.

3.     Members who have NOT participated in a fixtured match and training or commenced a program such as NetSetGO will be eligible for a full reimbursement.

a.     These members may choose to roll their membership over to 2021. 

4.     If a member applies for a partial (50%) reimbursement, they will remain a 2020 Netball Victoria member and will be able to continue to play, coach, and umpire or participate in training or competitions for the remainder of the year.


Last updated: Friday August 14, 2020 6:31PM